Welcome to the official website of Insurgent Arts! We operate a bookstore in Sacramento, California. People can come in to browse our books, read a comic, or find a new favorite game to play. On the website, see our Updates/Periodical tab for weekly store updates and be sure to check our “Writing Spotlight” tab for our line of fiction pieces. Sign up with your email down at the bottom of this page to join our mailing list for info, coupons, and more!

Currently, comics are buy 1 get 1 for 20% off, new and previous issues. Also, we have a concurrent sale of new books for 10% off list price!


We take game table reservations!

Want to play some games but have nowhere to go? Or too far? Look no further than our very own tables! For reservation call: (916) - 309 - 4596 from 12pm to close for more info.

Insurgent Comics and Games: 6385 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento CA 95831

Phone: (916) - 309 - 4596

Monday through Thursday: 12pm to 7:30pm

Friday and Saturday: 12pm to 8:00pm

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